Frequently Asked Questions
  • The lights are flashing quickly.

    Reason: Gyro of the model is under signal detecting condition.

    Solution: Set the model to any flat surface.

  • The lights are flashing on twice and flashing off once.

    Reason: The model is not received the signal from the remote control or signal connection is interrupted.

    Solution: For absence of signal,activate the remote control for the signal connection.For signal interruption,turn off the remote control and turn it on again.

  • The lights are flashing on and off.

    Reason: The model is underpowered.

    Solution: Charge the battery or change another full charged battery.

  • The model is shaking fiercely.

    Reason: The rotor blade is out of shape.

    Solution: Change the rotor blades.

  • No image is displayed on the screen.

    Reason: The remote control and the model are not in the same channel.

    Solution: Adjust the remote control and the model to the same channel. Please turn to Page 8 "Choose 5.8G image transmission channel" for reference.

  • Which Drone to buy?

    The answer to this question may vary due to certain factors. These include camera, price,battery and other accessories. Also there might be variations for experts, beginners, professionals and other genres.

  • Which Drone is best?

    In current scenario, the best drone to buy as according to experts is MJX Bugs 3. This drone allows 1080p HD live streaming and can be tagged as the best drone to buy in 2016.

  • What drones can carry a Gopro?

    In order to attach a gopro camera to a drone, the drone has to be very powerful and also should have a mount to hold a camera. X101, X102H and Bugs 3 are all suitable to work with Gopro. X102H and Bugs 3 are with camera mount included, while X101 has to buy it separately.

  • Which Drones have to be registered?

    As per the latest guidelines issued by FAA, all drone weighing between .55 lbs to 55 lbs are to be registered online. The drones above 55 lbs are considered under the Aircraft Registry Process.

  • What is the maximum load a drone can bear?

    The maximum payload that a drone depends on its specifications. The freight is relies on a variety of factors which include the design of the drone, motors and propellers associated, ESC i.e. electronic speed control, Battery and the height of flight. For drone in toys grade, it is not suggested to add additional weight on it.

  • How Drone works?

    Drones are controlled through controllers or mobile apps from the ground. Transmission is communicated from the ground and further the drones is operated.

  • How drone is controlled?

    A Drone can either be controlled through a remote control. This remote control consists of few buttons to operate the drone and sometime a LCD screen displaying certain information like the battery status, altitude, range and so on. The other way is a mobile application.

  • Are all drones associated with camera?

    This entirely depends on your budget status. More investment pays back more returns in respect of features and performance. You might also own a camera separately an install it with your drone only if it is compatible to get integrated with one

  • Is it mandatory to buy camera along with the drone?

    There are a wide variety of cameras available in the market so it is nearly impossible to sell a camera with the unit which suits all sorts of purposes. Also there might be instances that the user might own a camera previously and wants it to be linked with the drone. Serving this possibility, most of the drones are manufactured with flexibility and versatility which allows the assembling of any camera of users’ choice.

  • How hard it is to operate a drone and is it dangerous?

    'Practice makes a man perfect'. This is undoubtedly an apt statement because the initial stage of controlling a flight are quite easy and understandable but further to attain specialisation in getting over hurdles, passing obstacles and appropriate camera shots needs bit of flight experience. Also, the propellers of a drone are pretty sharp and can rotate from 5000-15000rpm thus arising dangers. It is therefore suggested to avoid flights near people or animals.