• Point of Interest

  • Follow Me

  • One Key Return

  • Headless Mode

  • 2.4Ghz two-way communication

  • 1080P WIFI Camera

  • Barometer Altitude hold


Global positioning system offers worry–free flight

Your X104G is always under control. State-of-the-art GPS system makes the X104G completely aware of its location and relation to you. It hovers precisely, moves accurately, and locks onto satellites fast. 3 types of Return-to-Home (RTH) are designed to protect your X104G.

Point of Interest

Set a specific building, object or position as your point of interest.With Point of Interest, your aircraft will continuously circle clockwise around the preset point.The point of interest is set at 10 meters forward the aircraft by default. To change the point, please click “Setting” —“Flight Radius” to reset.

Follow Me

The aircraft's camera will lock on your mobile phone, when using this function, the aircraft will track you automatically and capture your movement with a particular aerial view.The camera lens will keep pointing at the mobile phone and remain constant distance to the mobile phone.

One-key return offers worry-free flying

The aircraft built-in remote control positioning system, it can record the return point when takes off . Press the one key return button while flying in the headless mode, the aircraft will return automatically.

Headless mode makes flying much simple

Change to the headless mode,the aircraft will recognize the direction of the remote control. Just keep in mind that your head and the drone's head. You front is the drone's front.

Smart new generation 2.4Ghz two-way communication remote control technology

The remote controller adopts two-way 2.4GHz technology and features the functions of weak signal alarm and low voltage alarm. That helps you to assess the situation via the status indicator on the remote controller and the sound emitted from the remote controller, then locate and solve problems in time.

The new generation of cameras,to explore every corner of the world

Capture every detail around you

Full High Definition 1080P Wifi Camera Works Perfectly with " MJX GPS APP"

The onboard 1080P Wifi camera lets you see what your aircraft see, idea for framing a spot or simply to look around and admires your surroundings after the camera is linked to the APP "MJX GPS".


Barometer altitude hold

The aircraft adopts advanced barometer to remain altitude hold and hovering. After successful signal connection, pilot push the throttle and then free it, the aircraft will hover perfectly in place. Your hands are free from the control stick to capture aerial photography.

Module-designed Li-polymer battery

3.7V, high-capacity battery with energy-optimized system give you a vastly improved flight experience. An up to 12 minutes’ footage satisfies all your desires about the sky.

Define new smart

Compact and intuitive handling with comfortable tactile silicon and vibration signals make this remote control very convenient. The advanced two-way wireless technology offers a reliable connection between the remote control and the X104G.

  • GPS

  • One-key RTH

  • High/Low speed switch

  • One-key take off / landing

  • Unlock

  • Photo/Video

Bright LED search light

The bright LED lights made night flying as easy as flying in the day. Your X104G looks cool and attractive.