MJX X708P Cyclone, a four-axis aircraft ideal for beginners, with optical flow positioning for easier operation.The perfect aerodynamic fuselage and high-performance ironless motor make the drone comparable to the reputation of the whirlwind, however,The difference is that you can control the drone at any time and fly easily and steadily.

  • Optical flow positioning

  • 720P WiFi Camera

  • Headless mode

  • One Key Return

  • 2.4Ghz

  • 3D Flips


Optical flow positioning

The built-in optical flow sensor that gets the real-time optical flow information and makes integrating computations is used for optical flow positioning. With it, your drone will auto precise hovering with hands-free, and you can focus on your creative shooting.

Powerful Lens Capture the world

The wide-angle lens, which made up of a number of optical lens elements, makes it possible for the camera to capture sharp and vivid images with expansive backgrounds.

Headless mode makes flying much simple

Change to the headless mode,the aircraft will recognize the direction of theremote control. Just keep in mind that your head and the drone's head. You front is the drone's front.

One-key return offers worry-free flying

The aircraft built-in remote control positioning system, it can record the return point when takes off . Press the one key return button while flyingin the headless mode, the aircraft will return automatically.

Flying time-maximum 6-8 minutes

The 3.7V 550 mAh high-capacity battery has a flight time of 6-8 minutes, which makes the flight experience as expected.

Flying time

about 6-8 minutes

Stronger power, Longer flight

Adopts high-efficency enegy consersion coreless motor. energy saved & powerful for flying

FPV Real-time HD images transmission

Just connect the mobile device to the camera, HD real-time images taken by the camera could be seen real-time through using MJX H App.

The camera is linked to the APP " MJX H ".



Smart 2.4GHz remote control spread spectrum technology

Rapid rate of reaction,long range of remote control,great anti-interference capability,scores of aircraft can be played at the same time without any interference.


Intelligent control, excellent grip

Compact and intuitive handling with comfortable tactile silicon and vibration signals make this remote control very convenient.

  • High/Low speed switch

  • Light switch

  • One Key Return

  • 3D flip& rolls button

H/L speed switch

There are 2 flight modes of the model: Low speed and high speed.

High speed

Low speed

Control Distance


Safety protection guard

This drone contains the soft protectingguard, which can effectively protect the drone from damage.

Bright LED search light

Bright LED search lights make flight more interesting   and attractive at night.