bugs 4 w

Bugs Series Brushless Foldable Drone with GPS

  • Optical Flow Positioning

  • Point of Interest

  • Follow Me

  • Ultrasonic

  • Tap Fly

  • 2.4Ghz two-way communication

  • 4 in 1 ESC

  • Brushless motor

  • OLED Screen


Utrasonic sensor assists barometer to keep super stable altitude hold.

Follow me

The aircraft's camera will lock on your mobile phone, when using this function, the aircraft will track you automatically and capture your movement with a particular aerial view. The camera lens will keep pointing at the mobile phone and remain constant distance to the mobile phone.

Point of Interest

Set a specific building, object or position as your point of interest.With Point of Interest, your aircraft will continuously circle clockwise around the preset point.The point of interest is set at 10 meters forward the aircraft by default. To change the point, please click “Setting” —“Flight Radius” to reset.

Optical flow positioning

The built-in optical flow sensor that gets the real-time optical flow information and makes integrating computations. Your drone will auto precise hovering with hands-free, and you can focus on your creative shooting.

Tap fly

In the Waypoint Flight Mode, you can just focus on composing, B4W will fly to the target or fly in the direction you tapped on the screen, and changethe flight paths smoothly if you re-planed the track on the screen again.

Camera angle by remote control

Camera angle can be remote controlled to pitch from -90° to 0°.

Mechanical Gimbal Stabilization

B4W equipped with single-axis mechanical gimbal, which can reduce shake and keep shots stable effectively.

Camera: Video Recording Modes: FULL HD 2K
Gimbal Stabilization: Single-axis 90°

The wide-angle lens, which made up of a number of optical lens elements, makes it possible for the camera to capture sharp and vivid images with expansive background.

2K Camera Record more details

Support shooting 2K 20fps with 8 megapixel CMOS sensor, wide-angle lens, retain the most original details, make your creation more inspirational.

  • Bugs 4 W
  • Bugs 4 W
  • Bugs 4 W

4-in-1 responsive esc

The innovative 4-in-1 Electronic Speed Controller makes racing aircraft more agile and more adept at sudden maneuvers including sharp turns and hard braking.

Powerful brushless motor

MT2204 1350kv Brushless Motor, the most cost - efficient & excellent quality brushless motor among the brushless motor lines. Maximum upward lift 230g. Flying with sport camera is just a piece of cake.

Module-designed Li-polymer battery

7.6V, high-capacity battery with energy-optimized system give you a vastly improved flight experience. An up to 22 minutes’footage satisfies all your desires about the sky.

Bugs GO

Full High Definition 2K 5G Wifi Camera Works Perfectly with MJX APP "Bugs GO"

The onboard 2K 5G Wifi camera lets you see what your aircraft see, idea for framing a spot or simply to look around and admires your surroundings after the camera is linked to the APP "Bugs GO".

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Smart remote control alarm function

The transmitter buzzer receives the voltage status of the drone will send out beep sound once the drone is in low volatage. so , your drone is always under control. The transmitter buzzer will send out beep sound once the remote control signal is weak or interferenced. Your flight is always safe.

OLED screen

Assists the drone to fly in any flight environment

Left / Right throttle control switch mode

4 Glorious LED lights assist Night Flight

The bright LED lights made night flying as easy as flying in the day. Your Bugs 4W looks cool and attractive.