B3 is the world's best brushless drones with the most competitive price on the market.

Using the Pure Nylon Fiber material, it has a highly compact main body. B3 diagonal 310mm with 7.4 inches easily distinguished and auto lock propeller, the auto lock propeller enables the pilots to install it with ease.

B3 brushless motors deliver the power for smooth flight and stable hovering. It is also the best brushless drones with the longest flying time in the world - up to 19 mins with 2 choices of speed

It is a better experience for pilots - B3 has been equipped with the GOPRO camera. You can also replace it with our MJX band camera.

The most important point is: you only need to pay for a toy-level prices to enjoy a professional-level of enjoyment.

Enjoy toys and hobby, Enjoy MJX products.