It is reported that the 3D VR glasses will be peak sales in 2016. With the developing of consumer electronic product, there are millions of product in the market where people can select from. 3D VR glasses is made according to the people in need, it would be helpful for people to obtain stereo image. The most important is that the 3D VR glasses can be used for other product but movie. 

However, The 3D VR glasses is already application to Drone markets. MJX RC drone is the one of leading company which research the high tech technology in the drone market. There are many customers who may have question about flight experience with 3D VR glasses. There are some step that may help as below:

1, 3D VR glasses

2, Use our MJX drone with app function

3, Put your smartphone to the VR box.

4, To watch all view from 3D VR glasses

Note: The drone must have HD camera