Bugs Go

Bugs Go App is compatible with most MJX products of Bugs series. You can control the camera and flight all from your mobile device if you install this App.Just connect your mobile device, open the App, and enjoy your creating with the easy operation.

*Support Bugs series

Where to download " Bugs GO" APP

For Apple user, please go to App store, search" Bugs GO" and download. For Android user, please visit our website www.mjxrc.net and go to download page to download " Bugs GO".


  • Android

  • IOS

Bugs Go is compatible with the Bugs series aircraft, with the functions may vary according to the type of aircraft. Bugs Go makes flight much easier, and allows you to fly for fun.

  • Follow Me

  • Point of Interest

  • Track Flight

  • 3D VR

  • Photo

  • Video

  • 180° Image rotation

Rich functionality makes Bugs Go different than others, specially it provides the dynamic displays of the aircraft altitude, return distance, aircraft and remote controller’s battery level, signal strength of the remote controller and GPS, etc.

Follow Me

The aircraft's camera will lock on your mobile phone, when using this function, the aircraft will track you automatically and capture your movement with a particular aeria view.The camera lens will keep pointing at the mobile phone and remain constant distance to the mobile phone.

* Follow Me of Interest is available for B5W, B3Pro and B2se.

Track Flight Mode

In the track flight mode, you can just focus on composing, B5W will fly to the target or fly in the direction you tapped on the screen, and change the flight paths smoothly if you re-planed the track on the screen again.

* Track Flight Mode of Interest is available
for B5W, B3Pro and B2se.

Point of Interest

Set a specific building, object or position as your point of interest.With Point of Interest, your aircraft will continuously circle clockwise around the preset point.The point of interest is set at 10 meters forward the aircraft by default. To change the point, please click “Setting” —“Flight Radius” to reset.

* Point of Interest of Interest is available
for B5W, B3Pro and B2se.

Smart RTH

If you wish your aircraft to fly back to the home point you recorded, press the RTH button located on the Bugs Go interface and the aircraft will return automatically.

3D Dual Screen

Bugs Go features 3D split screen function which is designed to make you have an more vivid flying experience with your VR goggles.

Live HD View

You can see what your camera see clearly in real time on the screen of your mobile device, moreover you can adjust your flying aircraft’s direction in real time to capture the most exciting shots.

Become a director of your life

This App has both photo and video shooting function, it will help you to keep the precious flight experiences and share them to others.

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180° Image Rotation

When you connect a mobile device via WiFi to fly the aircraft normally with Bugs Go, you can rotate the screen display 180 degree.